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How I've been passing the time: Smelling the lavender and baking Crunchie cookies from classic South African cookbook "Kook en Geniet"

It may sound like a cliche, but it’s true, we are living in a very difficult and unsure time, and it’s okay to not be okay. It’s hard enough just to stay home without having to challenge yourself to do 50 push-ups every day or learn some complicated yoga pose. You don’t have to follow some complicated and restrictive diet right now, I mean, you should avoid going to the supermarket and the shelves are almost empty in any case! Eating for comfort really isn’t that bad an idea. We as humans are hardwired to derive pleasure from our food, so why not show some selfcare and eat something delicious!

Rest and relaxation can actually help soothe your stress  and fears and give your immune system a boost.

Here are some of my favourite non-challenge  activities that will leave you feeling relieved: 

  • SANPARKS has 24/7 webcams at some of the watering holes in their parks, watch something as calming as a zebra nibbling on grass, or cute baby elephants playing in mud! Such a great stress reliever!

  • Udemy has affordable online courses, why not learn something new?! I did a food photography course a while back, I’m not a pro now, but you don’t want to see the before photos! They also have lots of fun cooking courses.

  • Google street view: if you are starting to get cabin fever, go somewhere you’ve never been before, I took my time to virtually walk through Central Park in New York, and it was awesome. 

  • Watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube on Youtube, totally fun recipes, with countless awesome chefs. My favourites are Buddy Oliver (cute kid!), Kerryann Dunlop (delicious recipes) and Gennaro Contaldo (what a zest for life!)

  • Bake those cookies!!! You know, the cookies you put off baking because you are worried about eating too much and not being able to exercise like you are used to during lockdown… go ahead, bake them! 

  • I have a mini ebook called Positive Eating that you can download for free. It’s all about building a healthy relationship with food and learning to enjoy your food guilt-free. And it’s a short read, I promise!

  • Grow your own micro greens/sprouts. You don’t even need a garden. Just use some dried beans or lentils, soak in water and leave in a warm bright spot like a window sill to germinate. You can eat them as sprouts, or wait a few extra days for leaves to form and cut off the micro greens. There is something magical about growing food, guaranteed to soothe the soul, and provide some nutrients!


Now is a time for selfcare, a time for being gentle on yourself. A time when counting steps and calories should be even LESS important than usual.

Last but not least, eat all the carbs without exercising...its really okay!


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