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More about what I do


What does a dietitian do?

As a registered dietitian I work with people in all stages of the life cycle to optimise their nutrition. I provide holistic nutrition-based healthcare for disease prevention as well as a variety of health problems, like heart disease, diabetes and insulin resistance, gut problems, and malnutrition. I also help picky eaters figure out how to manage a diet that doesn’t compromise on nutrition value and emotional eaters with building a positive relationship with food. I also do consults on nutrition in long term care facilities.

 How can I help you eat better?

About me

I have degrees in Human Life Sciences and in dietetics, and a master's degree in therapeutic nutrition, and  I am registered with all the relevant bodies as a private practicing dietitian. 

I love food and cooking, and I grow some of my own food in a vegetable garden, I even have my own chickens for free range eggs!


I believe in a holistic healthy lifestyle and that all foods fit in a healthy diet.  

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